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The following are current research projects conducted as part of or in collaboration with the FiDiPro “Motivation: Theory- and Evidence-Based Interventions to Increase Physical Activity” project


  • Theoretical development of integrated models of health behaviour involving self-regulation, attitudes and beliefs; motivation and intentions; implicit and habitual processes; and action planning and implementation intentions (Hagger, Lintunen, Chatzisarantis)


  • CAVAPA - development of automatic, computer vision based method for tracking movement and activity in groups of people engaged in physical activity (Hagger, Lintunen, Pasi, Rossi, Tirronen, Suomi)

  • Promoting physical activity in the school community using participatory planning (Liikkuva kouluyhteisö - osallisuuutta ja vuorovaikutusta edistämällä lisää liikuntaa) (Lintunen, Suomi, Pasi, Hagger).

  • TPSR - Teaching personal and social responsibility though physical activity (Lintunen, Wright, Hasandra, Toivonen). Link

  • Let's move it - intervention aiming to increase physical activity among vocational college youth (Hankonen) Link

  • Physical over Smoking mobile application (PoS app) to support smoking quitters to manage cigarette craving (Hasandra). Link  iOs app  Android  app

  • Promotion of physical activity in older people recovering from lower extremity medical event or condition (Sipilä & Nikander).

  • Using Physical Education to Promote out-of-School Physical Activity in Lower Secondary School Students: A Randomized Controlled Intervention Based on Behavioural Theory

Increasing motivation for physical activity, IMpact, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylän yliopisto
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